Your Personal Needs

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Visitors and Visiting

Your family and friends are always welcome at the Vincentian at any time. There are tea and coffee making facilities and private lounge areas which you are welcome to use so that your visitors can feel at home when they visit you.

We also encourage family and/or friends to take residents out for daily excursions. If needed, wheelchairs are available and our Manageress is able to organise these when required.


The Hairdresser calls weekly and provides services at very reasonable rates.  You can organise your hair appointments through the Manageress.



Your laundry will be done at Vincentian as a part of our in-house service. Dry cleaning can be organised but at your own personal cost.


A telephone is available for local calls, however Staff will assist residents who wish to make toll calls and these calls will be at the resident’s personal cost.

Alternatively, it is possible to have your own personal line installed in your room as all rooms have a telephone jack. Line and call costs will be the responsibility of the resident.